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Merit Badges...

Merit Badge & Rank Requirements

  • Merit Badge requirements and forms are online at Merit Badges.

  • The Troop maintains a selection of Merit Badge booklets that can be borrowed as needed. See the Troop Librarian for information. Here's a listing of all available books from our Troop Library. The booklets can be purchased at any NCAC Scout Shop

  • This year's Advancement Changes

    Boards of Review ...

    • A scoutmaster conference needs to be completed prior to a board of review being requested
    • Each scout must complete a Board of Review before advancing in rank
    • Eagle Boards are scheduled on an individual basis, and usually last one hour
    • Boards for other ranks last between 15 and 30 minutes, and are typically held the Wednesday after a scoutmaster conference
    • Scouts should wear their Class A uniform and bring their scout handbook
    • Each Board of Review consists of three adult committee members from the troop
    • Parents are encouraged to volunteer as a committee member so they can serve on the Boards
    • Guidelines for each rank advancement are provided to the Board Members
    • Applications to become a committee member may be obtained from the Membership Coordinator

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